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Dearborn Electronics Inc. is a world leader as a film capacitor manufacturer. Dearborn has extensive experience in design, development, and manufacturing of a wide range of capacitors for defense, aerospace, military, industrial, communications, lasers and space applications. Dearborn film capacitors have exceptional stability, low-loss, long life, and high reliability. Capacitor values range from 0.0001 µF to 2000 µF with voltage ratings between 30 and 30,000 VDC. AC capacitors and DC capacitors are available in a wide variety of dielectrics and finished packaging styles.

Durable Capacitors for Exceptional Performance

Dearborn Electronics’ film capacitor product lines include a wide array of custom designs using state of the art technologies combined with the latest developments in dielectric films (including polyester, polypropylene, PPS, and teflon). Kraft/paper, foil capacitor, and metallized film capacitor products are available. This allows Dearborn to provide high temperature capability; high voltage ratings; precision capacitors with ± ¼% tolerances, and exceptional performance in harsh environments. Military film capacitors are tested and qualified to military standards, with more than 30 military qualified products. Film capacitors are exceptional for pulse/storage, DC link, energy discharge, and custom applications.

A wide selection of packaging designs are available such as film-wrapped, pre-molded epoxy cases, and hermetically sealed metal cases. Dearborn Electronics continues to research and develop film caps with new methods in capacitor manufacturing to provide durable designs and packaging schemes for special environmental use.

Manufacturing Capacitors to Meet Every Need

Our film capacitor are very specific types of capacitor that uses a thin plastic film as a dielectric element in the configuration. The thin plastic film is made using a technologically advanced film drawing process. Depending on how the capacitor needs to operate when it is finally configured, the thin material may be either left untreated or metalized after the manufacturing process. Once the film material has been added, electrodes are placed into the assembly, which is mounted into a case that is designed to protect the capacitor from a wide variety of different environmental factors.

Due to the fact that they are incredibly stable, do not cost a significant amount of money to manufacture and have a low rate of inductance, they are being used in many different types of applications. Buyer beware, there are many different types of capacitors on the Internet that qualify as film capacitors that just change the type of material being used as the dielectric.

Our high-quality polymer film capacitors, plastic film capacitors, power film capacitors and more are readily available to meet your needs. The specific type of material that will be used during the creation of the capacitor will vary depending on what the device will end up being used for. Let us know how we can help in meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Do you need High Precision Capacitance Values?

Film capacitors are used in a wide variety of different industry, including with military technology and applications as well as the aerospace industry. This is mainly due to the fact that they have high long term stability, can be produced relatively cheaply and are heat resistant.

One of the main characteristics of our film capacitor comes from the fact that they are not polarized. Due to this design element, they are available for use in both AC power and signal applications. They are also designed to have high precision capacitance values, which means that they can retain their value for a much longer period of time than capacitors of other types. The aging process of these types of capacitors is generally much slower than it would be if a different type of material were being used during construction.

Benefits of Low Resistance and Low Self Inductance

Two major benefits of film capacitors comes from the fact that they have low equivalent series resistance and low self inductance. Due to these properties, they can be designed to withstand voltages in the kilovolts. Power film capacitors take these benefits even farther and can withstand reactive power over 200 volt amperes in charge. These types of benefits make them very attractive overall to a wide variety of different types of industries all over the world. Constructions costs can be slashed even farther through the use of special materials.

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